We are bringing state of art public safety technology and processes to the Pacific Northwest

Public-Private Collaboration for Smarter, Safer and More Secure Cities.

After establishing a successful model for public safety in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are working to replicate it in the Portland and Seattle metropolitan areas. This starts with partnering with the business and civic communities to understand what is desired, required, and practical in order to achieve success here.  Then collaborating with police and other public safety agencies, we can build out an infrastructure which meets mutually agreed goals. Working together, we can make our cities safe!

Cities are now able to reduce crime and improve the quality of life through the use of managed crime-fighting programs like the SafeCity Camera Network. Investigators are now able to collapse the investigation cycle, and shorten the path from apprehension to identification and conviction. Under this model, most evidence can be delivered within 24 hours of the incident, as compared to multiple days with significant manpower needed to collect the footage.


Community Driven Close collaboration among local business associations, law enforcement, government and community ensures transparency, accountability and key stakeholder buy-in. This proven public-private partnership model connects the right people to the right resources to fast-track community engagement and increase levels of safety and visibility.

Privacy Focused SafeCity video request and retrieval process provides continuity, visibility and privacy control across the entire chain of evidence. Participants can define their own privacy preferences, own their own data and access it under a rights-based policy they develop.

State-of-the-Art Technology SafeCity networks use best-in-class forensic design methods to position cameras and sensors for maximum usability and effectiveness, delivering situational awareness and forensic-level detail day and night. The technology mix may feature embedded machine learning, edge computing and in-camera analytics to deliver the most advanced full- spectrum coverage available today.

Round-the Clock Performance, 24/7 Around-the-clock surveillance network health monitoring ensures continuous coverage eliminating system downtime, while maximizing the preservation and delivery of court-admissible evidence.

Connected Security For Thriving Communities SafeCity builds ties between the public and private sector and encourages community-driven and policy-based solutions that enhance public safety and livability.

SafeCity is a framework that facilitates public-private collaboration to improve urban safety. Built on a foundation of technology that reinforces community policing, our approach allows members of a community to participate and work towards common goals such as public safety, economic growth and operational efficiency.


Community-driven safety solutions that use networked video, sensors, and other advanced technologies to help reduce crime, support economic growth, and protect privacy.


From community developed design, through implementation, on to operation, we provide a complete turnkey safe city solution for businesses, civic leaders, and community organizations.


Our safe city program has ilicited a lot of very positive response in the media, from civic and community leaders, and from businesses. Our proven methods work.


View our current network in San Francisco. We worked with local business districts to build our network of privately owned cameras, shared with the police under stringent guidelines. Audited and open to review.

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